Mike Dunham has been involved with landlord-tenant cases since before he was licensed to practice law, as both a mediator and a litigator, representing both landlords and tenants, in both residential and commercial situations. Some of the practice areas we handle at Dunham Legal include the following:

  • Georgia Dispossessory and Eviction Cases
  • Repair-and-Deduct Issues
  • Breach of Contract and Other Lease Agreement Disputes
  • Mediation, Arbitration, and Other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Matters
  • Failure to Return or Account for Security Deposit
  • Collection of Past-Due Rent and Rental Judgments
  • Lease Agreement Review

Mike is a frequent speaker on the above and other topics relating to landlord-tenant law, both in Continuing Legal Education (CLE) and other professional continuing education classes, and also to investors and property managers. Mike even wrote a book on the subject of Georgia dispossessory procedures. For more information or to order your own copy of “A Brief Guide to Georgia Evictions”, visit