What Our Clients Say

At Dunham Legal, we take client satisfaction very seriously. While every case is different and we cannot guarantee any particular result in any case, our clients are consistently satisfied with how their cases were handled and that they were treated fairly. Here’s what some of them have to say:

“Mike thought ahead and presented a solution to me before I asked him to. He took my requests seriously. Other lawyers did not.” – survey response

“[Mike was w]ell informed about the law and able to put things into language that I could understand. He also understood my personal situation, and brought up points that benefitted me that I had not considered. He was also sensitive to the emotional difficulties of the situation and my children.” – survey response

“Mike Dunham is an unusual attorney, he is ETHICAL. I have used him and he represented us with integrity. Please share with those that might need the services if an attorney. In fact I would suggest you add him as a contact to your phone.” – Facebook comment

“Yes, I am satisfied! Mike did an excellent job staying on task and not letting time pass unnecessarily. Despite going slightly over budget (due to circumstances mostly out of his control), the cost wasn’t exorbitant.” – survey response

“My divorce was finalized less than a year from first contacting Mike.” – survey response

“I was really hoping to meet you on Monday–but it appears that is not going to happen!  I just wanted to thank you for all that you have done on our case.  I am the wife and mother that just as my husband have lived this case for nearly four years!  I know that it is not over but I do believe that you are the reason that we will receive some kind of justice for the nightmare that this man has put us through. My son, [name redacted] has has been accepted into the college of political science.  It has been this experience and the good work that you have done that have inspired him to take this career path.  Wouldn’t it be ironic if [name redacted] ends up paying for his degree in law?!  Again, thank you and I do hope to meet you before this is all over.” – email from client’s wife (whom I had not met in person)

“Mike helped maneuver unique circumstances of my situation–sometimes on a tight time crunch–which helped the outcome.” – survey response

“I used Mr. Dunham for a divorce/custody case recently that lasted a little over year and ended in Court. He was more than fair with fees and did not needlessly rack up charges. He is plain spoken which I admire. You know where you stand. I felt he displayed incredible integrity. I also learned that in his spare time he contributes and is involved in various charities and outreach programs. I was satisfied by the verdict and appreciated all his hard work and effort.” – client review on Avvo.com

“Mike, the two most important characteristics of an excellent lawyer, in my opinion, is sharp listening ability and deep understanding of how to navigate through the law for the client – without a map. I feel you have those two characteristics.” – survey response

“I just received all the formal copies of my divorce paperwork, and wanted to send you a quick note of thanks. I sincerely appreciate everything you did in helping me finalize this process, especially from where we were 16 months ago. You are truly a consummate professional and always kept my best interest in focus during the negotiations. I don’t think I could have asked for anything more!” – email from client

“I felt protected through Mike’s competency which brought about a ‘just’ outcome.” – survey response

“Mike was very willing to work with me, not just for me. He respected my wishes on how to deal with my case. I never felt like he was trying to create more back and forth with the other side just to drive more billable time (which I did get from other attorneys). He also made suggestions that really helped my specific case. Mike is very responsive and very much a straight-shooter with information. He made a difficult and emotional process as easy on me as possible.” – client review on Avvo.com

“Mike is a very intelligent guy who seems to love what he does.” – survey response

“Oh my gosh! You ARE my hero!!! Thanks so much :)” – email from client

“I think highly of Mike and would absolutely use him if I have any future legal needs. I have also referred him to other friends of mine needing legal counsel for divorce.” – survey response

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