Why Dunham Legal

At Dunham Legal, our mission is to provide high-quality legal services to clients who appreciate nimble, responsive service from a lawyer with whom they have a personal relationship, at a price that reflects the value that our expertise adds to the finished work product.

But just who is Mike Dunham, anyway?

  • Mike has been practicing for more than 15 years. He has been principally or solely responsible for hundreds of litigation matters in more than 20 state and federal courts in Georgia over that time, including substantial trial and appellate experience.
  • Mike combines an aggressive, no-nonsense style with a thorough understanding not only of the “rules of the game”, but also the facts of your particular case – which he will know better than anyone else.
  • Aside from his considerable experience as an advocate, Mike has been a registered neutral with the Georgia Supreme Court and has acted as a mediator for hundreds of cases, with a settlement rate comfortably higher than 80%.
  • An experienced businessman with a background in economics, Mike also brings a “big picture” viewpoint and a perchance for cost-benefit analysis that is rare among practicing trial lawyers.
  • Mike is also an experienced teacher and lecturer, who has been praised as a clear communicator with a love of educating others – scroll down to see some of Mike’s contributions at Avvo.com.

You don’t have to take our word for it, though – check out what our clients are saying.