FAQs about the Living Will

Posted On January 22nd, 2021 by Michael Dunham

What is a Living Will? Many have heard of a living will and know that it has something to do with what your wishes are with respect to medical decisions, but few know the exact parameters of a living will.  #1. In Georgia, a living will is known as an “Advance Directive for Health Care”….

Incapacity Planning

Posted On January 22nd, 2021 by Michael Dunham

Most people don’t think about getting documents such as powers of attorney, advance directives, or wills for themselves, much less recommending to their loved ones to have those same documents when they notice that someone like their a parent or grandparent starts to experience a mental decline. In order to sign any legal document, the…

Dotting Your I’s And Crossing Your T’s: Reviewing A Lease

Posted On January 20th, 2021 by Michael Dunham

Signing a lease is a big responsibility, something more than just signing your John Handcock on the dotted line. It’s a commitment, not to another being, but to your future, your state of being. For some, signing a lease can be an easy breeze into living in their dream apartment or home. But for others,…

Till Death Do You Pay: Understanding Spousal Support

Posted On January 12th, 2021 by Michael Dunham

Nobody thinks they’ll be getting a divorce in a few short years as they read off their vows to the person they’re marrying. Unfortunately, this is the case for more than half of marriages. This is why “to death do us part” might not be the best choice of words for some marriages. What we…

Not On My Property: Understanding Property Division

Posted On January 5th, 2021 by Michael Dunham

No one ever plans on getting divorced or separated from their significant other. This is why our wedding vows always include, “Till death do we part.” But unfortunately, this isn’t the case for more than most wedded couples. When more than half of marriages end in divorce, it begs the question about what happens to…

Key Differences Between Trusts and Wills

Posted On January 4th, 2021 by Michael Dunham

Many people know that they need a will before they pass away, but what about a trust? What even is a trust? Why do we hear that a trust is better than a will for estate planning? In typical attorney-fashion, whether a trust is better than a will depends on each individual’s circumstances. Anybody that…

Do It For The Kids: Understanding Child Support

Posted On December 30th, 2020 by Michael Dunham

Everyone knows that divorce is hard. And it only gets harder when there are kids involved. For numerous decades, countless parents have separated, leaving their children to deal with the consequences of the fallout. From visitation rights to two of every holiday, children of divorced parents often come out the other end with a few…

Preparing For Divorce: The Basics

Posted On December 22nd, 2020 by Michael Dunham

Nobody ever imagines getting divorced. When we grow up with the hope of getting married, we imagine it to be happily ever after, right? Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for some people. In fact, more than half of marriages end up in divorce. While no one likes to picture getting divorced from their significant other,…

Objection: When Do You Need A Lawyer?

Posted On December 16th, 2020 by Michael Dunham

No one ever plans on having to go to court. Or maybe they just don’t want to think about it. But whether we have a plan or not, life has a mysterious way of taking us to unexpected places. And sometimes, those places may just end up including a courtroom. There are countless reasons why…

Getting Your Ducks In A Row: How To Prepare For Your Initial Estate Planning Consultation

Posted On December 9th, 2020 by Michael Dunham

Nobody imagines themselves having to need a lawyer. Or maybe they just don’t want to imagine it. Either way, you always want to be on the right side just in case you do find yourself needing a lawyer. This is why it is absolutely crucial that you are fully prepared when going to your first…