Culture Statement

At Dunham Legal, we strive to operate with the following core values in mind at all times:

  • Faith – I will act with integrity at all times, and my actions will reflect that integrity. I will trust that “doing the right thing” will never lead to the “wrong” result. I will meet my Maker one day knowing I confidently acted with faithful integrity.
  • Harmony – I will balance my professional, business, family, and personal lives whenever possible. I will endeavor to enhance my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health at all times.
  • Leadership – I will act with initiative and responsibility at all times. When I am part of a team, I will follow the established leaders of that team, but I will always take leadership and ownership roles when they are made available to me.
  • Service – I will always act with a servant’s heart. Just as a rising tide lifts all boats, service of my fellow man will ultimately enhance my wellbeing in ways that may or may not ever be clear but are always present.
  • Generosity – I will give what I can, when I can. God blesses a cheerful giver, and I believe that whatever I give, will be returned to me “with interest”.