Do You Have a Financial Planner?

April 12, 2016

[Ed: Originally published on Facebook.]

The theme this week is “teamwork”. Who is on your team? If you’re following the “Your Post-Divorce Compass” process, on Day 23 you’ll start looking for a financial planner.

Do you really need a financial planner? I mean, do you really need someone to tell you “put some money in savings every month, get some life insurance, and don’t do anything crazy”?

A good financial plan is comprehensive and will help you meet whatever goals you want to set yourself, while also keeping those goals realistic. In addition, there are dozens/hundreds/thousands of options and products for you to consider, and it can be dizzying for you to try and sort them out – especially if you don’t have any training or experience in financial matters. A good planner will help you cut through the clutter and confusion and put a good plan in place. I strongly recommend you add one to your team as soon as you can.