Do You Have a Tax Accountant?

April 14, 2016

[Ed: Originally published on Facebook.]

*GULP* Tomorrow is April 15 – tax day! Oh no! Are you prepared?

A tax accountant is a great advisor to have on your team. Maybe your tax picture is pretty simple – you earn a regular salary, put a little in your 401(k), pay your bills, nothing exotic. But you never know where credits and deductions can be hiding, and even something as simple as an alimony obligation or a mortgage interest deduction can make it worthwhile to consult someone trained in tax matters. A tax accountant is also a great complement to your financial advisor, since he or she can help your planner minimize your current and future exposure for taxes. That’s why “Your Post-Divorce Compass” advises you to consult a tax accountant on Day 22.

Oh, and your tax accountant will also know that “tax day” is actually Monday this year, not tomorrow. 😉