Dunham Legal’s Estate Planning Services

April 14, 2021

Within the legal world, there’s nothing more important than understanding estate planning. We’ve spoken on the topic extensively in previous blogs. And we know it’s not the most exciting topic in the world; it’s essential to understand everything that goes into estate planning. Luckily for you, this is where Dunham Legal comes in to save the day. Dunham Legal has made it their mission to ensure that their entire client base has their estate in order just in case for the worst. We provide a variety of estate planning services that will help make the process easier. 

From drafting your final will and testament to setting up any kind of trust, Dunham Legal checks off every box when it comes to putting your estate in order. With our experienced and talented lawyers, you are put into great and caring hands. Here are a few of the estate planning services that Dunham Legal provides for their clients. 

Drafting A Will

No one likes to think of their own death. It’s a scary and intimidating thought. But it’s one that we must take on headfirst in order to make sure our estate is in order and that our loved ones are taken care of after our passing. Dunham Legal provides extensive and helpful knowledge on how to draft a thorough and full-proof will. A will is a legally binding document that gives you complete control over what happens to your estate and assets in the wake of your death. When it comes to leaving behind certain assets and properties to your friends and loved ones, there’s no one you can trust more than Dunham Legal. 

Beneficiary Designations 

One vital step that you should take when it comes to putting your estate in order is naming your beneficiary designation. A beneficiary designation allows you to transfer any or all of your assets to any individual, no matter what your will or testimony says. Designating someone as your estate’s beneficiary is an incredibly important and serious task that should not be taken lightly. It’s essential to consider a variety of aspects when it comes to choosing the proper beneficiary. You want someone you can trust and someone that is not impulsive or hasty. Usually, the role of a beneficiary falls upon a family member or a close friend. Dunham Legal can assist in all your needs and concerns when it comes to naming the right beneficiary for your estate planning. 

Setting Up Trusts 

A trust is a legal agreement that lets a third party (the trustee) hold assets or ownerships for a beneficiary or even multiple beneficiaries. This service goes hand in hand when it comes to the beneficiary designation. It’s important not to get a trustee and executor confused with one another. A trustee is usually someone that is a family member or close friend to the primary party. It’s vital to consider your trustee’s lifestyle, fidelity, and even personality when making your choice of trustee. Dunham Legal has proven itself to be an industry leader when it comes to helping clients pick their trustees for their estate planning.