Everything You Need To Know About Adoption

February 17, 2021

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Each year, thousands of children find themselves within the confines of the United State’s foster system. Just last year, a whopping number of over 100,000 kids are in the foster system just waiting to be adopted and put in a kind home. Unfortunately, most of these children will never find a home suited for them, or even worse, they find a home that treats them worse than the foster system did. Luckily, this unfortunate predicament these kids find themselves in can be solved by normal individuals such as yourself. Families from all over the country have opened up their homes and hearts to these children in need. However, even as beneficial as it may be, the adoption process is a complex and pressing experience that should not be taken lightly. 

There is a variety of aspects that should be considered during the adoption process. And rightfully so, we are dealing with a child’s life and future after all. Most couples or individuals go into the adoption process without taking the time to do their research to truly understand everything that goes into the process. This usually results in these hopeful adoptive parents becoming unsure and intimidated by everything that comes with adoption. Because of how substantial and life-changing adoption can be, it’s important to dot your I’s and cross your T’s before making any first steps forward. Here are a few well-known facts you need to know before you move forward with the adoption process. 

Choosing What Route To Take 

There are many paths that one can take when it comes to adopting a child. From an adoption agency to the foster system, there is an assortment of routes that one may take. Now, this can seem incredibly intimidating with so many options but bear with us here. There are three primary options you can choose from when it comes to adopting a child. The first and most used is going through an adoption agency. This route is usually a bit more stable and predictable but has also been known to be dragged out with less control granted to the adopting parents. 

The second route one can take is to go through a lawyer. This would result in a private adoption and would grant you more control over the entire process. Through the use of a lawyer, you can advertise yourself in local ads or papers in order to get your name out there in the adoption process. Your lawyer can also research potential matches for you and show your profile to certain foster homes and individuals looking to give their child up for adoption. Dunham Legal offers a multitude of services to help prospective adoptive parents find the perfect match. 

The third and final option you have for adoption is to go through the foster system. This route is known to be the most rewarding and least expensive path a person can take. Though even most individuals go with this option, it’s essential to know that it comes with a variety of requirements. One of these requirements is enrolling in a training program and a home study to ensure the child’s safety. It’s also important to know that more than half of the children in foster care end up returning to their birth family. 

No matter what path you choose, you have to give it your all. Adoption is one of the most challenging choices a person can make and is nothing to take lightly. If not for you, but for the innocent child dreaming of finding a loving home.