Nothing’s Set In Stone Until It’s Put Into Writing

January 27, 2021

Everyone knows that in order for a deal to be concrete, it must be written in ink, thus cementing its plausibility for any to see. Whether it be a business contract or a leasing agreement, it’s always a good idea to get written confirmation over a verbal agreement. This same principle should be applied when it comes to forming and crafting a contract. But sometimes, not everything goes as planned. 

In a perfect world, where conflict and disagreement are completely dispersed, legal contracts would be fully carried out without any hitches or roadblocks. Unfortunately for us, we do not live in this perfect world. In this world, the world we have, contracts and written agreements are broken and disregarded next to every day. So how does one respond whenever their contract or legal agreement is broken or taken advantage of? Understanding what a breach of contract can be a very challenging and complex process, a process that leaves a bunch bewildered and left confused. Luckily, that’s why you have us here. 

Knowing Your ABCs And 123s: Understanding What A Breach Of Contract Is 

A business proposition proposes a variety of promises that both parties have to hold up on their respective sides. As its name would suggest, a breach of contract is when one party “breaks” their promise or agreement for the contract. This breach can come in an assortment of ways. Depending on the specific contract, a breach can be from not performing a certain task before a certain time, or it could be someone not performing that task or duty at all. 

Breach of contract cases is put into one of two categories. These two categories are designed to determine how the case is moved forward and what the remedy should be for each case. The two categories are material breach and immaterial breach. Material breach essentially consists of anything that is of physical touch or severity. In contrast, immaterial breach deals with lower-level cases that are not as severe as material breaches would be. 

We’ll Take Your Case Now: Breach Of Contract Hearings 

While no one likes to imagine themselves in the middle of a court hearing. Especially if it’s your hard-earned money at stake, but unfortunately for most, this usually isn’t the case. Whenever there is a breach of contract, there are a variety of ways to mediate this dispute. In most cases, one or both parties concerned can take each other to court and have the court and judge mediate the process between the two parties. This usually occurs whenever there is a material breach of contract, something that’s of higher-level or more substantial. 

Other cases can be handled with a personal mediator between the two parties. This usually happens when it involves the immaterial breach of contracts. While there are more options to seek whenever a breach of contract is made, these two options are the primary outcomes that most cases and breaches use.