Pro Se Litigation – Attitude is Important

May 23, 2016

What if you can’t afford an attorney and have to represent yourself (“pro se”)? Are you completely out of luck?

Odds are, you’re not alone. A quick Google search for “statistics pro se divorces” shows staggering rates of pro se representation in divorce and other family law cases, often more than 50% in many jurisdictions. The good news is, given the age we live in, there are many more resources available to pro se litigants than there used to be.

Cliched though it may sound, the one indispensable thing you have to have is a positive attitude. If you believe you can effectively present your case, you can learn to do so. Keep in mind, in all likelihood your case will end in a settlement, either at the mediation table or otherwise – not at trial. If your spouse has a lawyer and you do not, in the courtroom you are at a disadvantage, but outside the courtroom you are on more level footing with your spouse than you think.