Pro Se Litigation – Coaching from Lawyers

May 26, 2016

If you don’t feel like you can afford a lawyer, you’re almost certainly not alone. But you should consider setting some money aside to get some coaching from a lawyer. An initial consultation can be very worthwhile, just to help you start planning your divorce. You should also consider buying an hour-long “coaching session” before you go to court for a hearing, so s/he can walk you through how to present your position most effectively to the judge who will be presiding over the hearing. And if your case does have to go to trial, lawyers can be good at teaching basic trial skills so you won’t be caught completely flat-footed in the courtroom.

Note there are often resources like these available at low or no cost. Law libraries often have “self help” centers that are staffed by lawyers. Local bar associations also sometimes have legal clinics “staffed” by volunteer lawyers. And there are legal aid options available in some cases, especially in major urban environments.