Book Review: “elf”

April 10, 2016

Proud of this 5-star review from “elf” on Amazon:

Divorce is heck. That’s a nice way of putting it. It affects people emotionally, psychologically, intellectually, socially, financially and even physically. There are resources out there to help with many of the support areas, but those getting divorces generally turn to their attorneys for help in practical matters.

The problem is that, never before having been in this situation, folks getting a divorce don’t know the right questions to ask. Since they don’t know the questions, they don’t get the answers. Michael Dunham, an empathetic young attorney has put together what is essentially a check list for those who have just completed a divorce. It’s a schedule/planner to help with the practical changes that occur after a divorce, and includes sample letters and forms.

I wish this book had been around when I was going thru my divorce 20+ years ago. I consider this book to be a public service – a life saver that is desperately needed to help folks drowning during and especially after the divorce process.

It would be wonderful if no one ever went through a divorce, but if that’s something that you, or someone you know is going through, get this book!

Thanks so much! If you’re convinced, please buy the book!