Should I Talk to a Lawyer?

Posted On April 4th, 2016 by Michael Dunham

[Ed: Originally published on Facebook.]

Although “Your Post-Divorce Compass” is about what you need to do after your divorce is final, many people come to us with questions about the process itself. This week, we’re going to take a look at the very beginning of that process.

First things first – should you even bother talking to a lawyer? My obvious answer is YES! You owe it to yourself to talk with an expert, especially since this is likely (hopefully!) the most important event of your adult life, and there are so many traps for the unwary. I know it can be unsettling to spill your guts to a complete stranger, but a good attorney will do everything he can to make you feel comfortable every step of the way. Keep in mind, even if you don’t hire the attorney, everything you discuss is covered by the attorney-client privilege, so it will stay between the two of you. And most attorneys will offer you a consultation for free or a reduced rate.

PLEASE see a lawyer as early in the process as possible. Tomorrow, I’ll give you some tips on how to find a good lawyer.