Support Through Counseling

March 23, 2016

[Ed: Originally published on Facebook.]

Are you or someone you know unwilling to try counseling because it’s too “new age” or “touchy-feely”? Or maybe you think a counselor’s role is to judge you, or to tell you how crazy you are, or to make you take pills that have all kinds of scary side effects.

The reality is that a good counselor is trained to help you deal with thoughts and feelings that you have never had before. Often you can find a good counselor who is “in network” for your insurance, so the cost is hopefully manageable for you. If this is an option you haven’t tried and you’re still struggling, you owe it to yourself to consider adding a counselor to your support system.

In the same way, “Your Post-Divorce Compass” can help you work through your struggles with financial and other “nuts and bolts” issues after your divorce.