Lawyers love to talk about themselves – but don’t take our word for it. Here are some things clients have said to us after their cases were finished:

I was satisfied with the outcome of my case. I got the tenant out in a reasonable timeframe with acceptable monetary terms.

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Yes, I am satisfied! Mike did an excellent job staying on task and not letting time pass unnecessarily. Despite going slightly over budget (due to circumstances mostly out of his control), the cost wasn’t exorbitant.

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Mike Dunham is an unusual attorney, he is ETHICAL. I have used him and he represented us with integrity. Please share with those that might need the services if an attorney. In fact I would suggest you add him as a contact to your phone.

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I think Mike has an uncanny ability to remember and access details on individual cases as if they were his own even though he clearly has other clients and his own personal life.

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[Mike was w]ell informed about the law and able to put things into language that I could understand. He also understood my personal situation, and brought up points that benefitted me that I had not considered. He was also sensitive to the emotional difficulties of the situation and my children.

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I used Mr. Dunham for a divorce/custody case recently that lasted a little over year and ended in Court. He was more than fair with fees and did not needlessly rack up charges. He is plain spoken which I admire. You know where you stand. I felt he displayed incredible integrity. I also learned that in his spare time he contributes and is involved in various charities and outreach programs. I was satisfied by the verdict and appreciated all his hard work and effort.

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Oh my gosh! You are my hero!!! Thanks so much 🙂

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