When is the Divorce Really “Over”?

March 31, 2016

[Ed: Originally published on Facebook.]

As any divorced parent will tell you, the divorce really never feels “final” until the kids are all grown up. Until that happens, issues can come up all the time. Many parents are able to work through those issues on their own, but sometimes court involvement is needed. Deciding when to involve the court can always be a challenge.

I always counsel my clients to see what can be worked out in advance if at all possible. My clients are often surprised at just how willing the other parent is to have a civil discussion about logistics, parenting time, and allocation of new costs when one parent is relocating. At least in Georgia, and I suspect in most if not all other states, it is possible to have an agreement to make changes to child custody and support rights written up and signed by both parents before any litigation is even commenced. This not only makes it easy for the court to finalize it, I can practically guarantee the judge will be impressed with the parties for being so proactive and civil.

The more you’ve done to create a stable post-divorce life for yourself, the more capable you are of handling these kinds of challenges when they come up later. This is where “Your Post-Divorce Compass” can really help you.