Why This Book: Confidentiality

February 17, 2016

[Ed: Originally published on Facebook.]

A note about confidentiality and reaching out to us via private message at Your Post-Divorce Compass, via email at info@postdivorcecompass.com, and/or via our website in order to purchase the book “Your Post-Divorce Compass: Practical, Real-World Advice for the Newly Single”.

We realize that your upcoming, pending or finalized divorce is a sensitive and personal situation. Because of that, we want to take a moment to make sure you know that any communication you have with us is confidential. If you send us questions you may have through a private Facebook message or an email, we will respond back to you privately. If you purchase a book, your purchase is anonymous as we have no way of knowing and/or tracking the consumer. We recognize the importance of having a safe and secure place to gain information and resources when going through private and often painful life events. Your Post-Divorce Compass is that place for you.