Why This Book: Structure, Not Hopelessness

February 18, 2016

[Ed: Originally published on Facebook.]

Divorce is not something that we expect we will one day experience as we recite those marriage vows. The wedding vows imply belief and hope that we will live together “happily ever after.” We do not expect for that hope to go unrealized. If it does, though, it is no surprise that the post-divorce journey can feel somewhat hopeless at times. Not only have our dreams gone unfulfilled, but now we also have to figure out how to pick up the pieces and put life back together again.

Your Post-Divorce Compass is here to help you do exactly that. We have provided you with a specifically structured framework that will take you through all of the logistics of the post-divorce process – and will walk beside you every step of the way as you get each piece back into place. This book will provide you with needed knowledge, strength, comfort , and, yes, even hope.