Helping Your Homeless Former Spouse

March 30, 2016

[Ed: Originally published on Facebook.]

I had a former client approach me with a somewhat unusual situation: her ex-husband was kicked out of his apartment and had nowhere to go. She knows it’s not her problem, but at the same time she felt some pity for him, and besides she certainly doesn’t want their children’s father to be homeless. So she let him stay with her for a few weeks, until his next apartment is ready, which won’t be until the first of next month.

I advised her to be really, really careful about being clear with him that he is a temporary guest and she expects him to clear out on the date they agreed. I also advised her to consider involving a counselor in a frank and open discussion with the children, so they could ask questions and work out any confusion they might be feeling over the fact that all of a sudden, mom and dad are under the same roof again.

“Your Post-Divorce Compass” is about how to set up your post-divorce life, separate from your former spouse. Advice like this is unusual and certainly wouldn’t be found in the book, but the book does have a lot of useful information about how to keep moving forward in your newfound independence.