Lawyers love to talk about themselves … but don’t take our word for it. Here are some of the things our clients (and others) have said about us over the years.

I felt protected through Mike’s competency which brought about a “just” outcome. Mike has a strong moral character and is extremely honest; these were the primary reasons for choosing him. Mike is also kind, smart and just a great guy. Working with him made us feel taken care of. I have found Mike to be a solid, well-grounded person who demonstrates a sense of moral ethics and integrity. – survey responses

words our clients have used to describe us over and over again

Oh my gosh! You are my hero!!! 🙂

Direct and to the point. Very competent. Very efficient. Very knowledgeable and good communicator of complex requirements. – survey responses

Mike was extremely transparent and made sure I was well informed, knowledgeable and understood all my options. – survey response

Thank you for everything you did to finalize this case. I know this was a long drawn out process that didn’t need to be and I am happy it is over. You did a great job, especially managing my expectations. It’s been great working with you. – handwritten thank-you note

Mike is well informed about the law and able to put things into language that I could understand. He also understood my personal situation, and brought up points that benefitted me that I had not considered. He was also sensitive to the emotional difficulties of the situation and my children. – survey response

Smart, Competent, Integrity, Kind, True – truly interested in serving our interests. I liked that Mike was very forthright and didn’t ‘nickel and dime’. He explained the legal system and how I needed to proceed in it. He is responsive, no-nonsense and very approachable/easy to reach when needed. – survey response

Mike thought ahead and presented a solution to me before I asked him to. He took my requests seriously. Other lawyers did not. – survey response

Mike is knowledgable and thorough. He made going through a tough time easier by answering my questions and following through with requests. – survey response

Mike was knowledgeable, confident, and provided a sense of safety while in the courtroom. – survey response

Mike Dunham is an unusual attorney, he is ETHICAL. I have used him and he represented us with integrity. Please share with those that might need the services if an attorney. In fact I would suggest you add him as a contact to your phone. – Facebook comment

I used Mr. Dunham for a divorce/custody case recently that lasted a little over year and ended in Court. He was more than fair with fees and did not needlessly rack up charges. He is plain spoken which I admire. You know where you stand. I felt he displayed incredible integrity. I also learned that in his spare time he contributes and is involved in various charities and outreach programs. I was satisfied by the verdict and appreciated all his hard work and effort. – online review

Mike, I am just not sure how to “thank you”. Your kindness and perseverance through this process is not something we will ever be able to reimburse. Thank you for everything, The [name withheld] (all 3 of us!) – Christmas card after successful adoption proceeding

My case was a little different than ones Mike typically deals with, but he took the time to learn about details and used his network to find an expert in the field to assist. – survey response

Mike’s listening skills, his accessibility, his knowledge of the law, & his ability to take a complex situation & explain it in layman’s terms. He was always willing to answer my questions no matter how many times I asked the same question. He didn’t get frustrated with me. – survey response

Mike understood that our divorce was TRULY uncontested (by layman’s terms). He believed us, worked with us, and actually gave us hope for the future. He understood pronouns, gender, MODERN life, and what really is the future of diversity, inclusion, and equality. He was thorough, punctual, and I felt like he would let me know if he thought I was not acting in my best interest. – survey response

Mike, the two most important characteristics of an excellent lawyer, in my opinion, is sharp listening ability and deep understanding of how to navigate through the law for the client – without a map. – survey response

Mike, you are 10X the lawyer the other guy thinks he is.

I think Mike has an uncanny ability to remember and access details on individual cases as if they were his own even though he clearly has other clients and his own personal life. – survey response

One kind deed can change a life. Thank you for your kindness! – thank-you card from a potential client who did NOT hire us

It’s never easy going through a divorce and I tried to keep my emotions separate as we moved through the process. Mike gave me options and shared his expertise when needed. – survey response

I recently worked with Michael to resolve a divorce case that involved a relatively substantial amount of assets. Many, many attorneys would have engaged in protracted litigation in order to justify charging the client a substantial amount of attorney fees, but he and I both had a pretty good idea of what would happen if this case went to court. We negotiated diligently to get it settled. Clients often hire divorce attorneys based on their courtroom reputation, but In my opinion honesty and common sense are the most important attributes of a good divorce attorney. Michael prepared an exceptional settlement agreement. It was extremely thorough. Our clients should never have any questions about their rights and obligations moving forward. I’m sure Michael is a good litigator, but he recognized what was best for his client and did the right thing. It was a pleasure to work with him. – online review posted by opposing counsel

I must give Mike my highest recommendation both professionally and personally. Professionally, he is a skilled litigator, but one who does not lose sight of the practical implications of a case. Unlike some attorneys, Mike does not lose sight of the proverbial forest NOR the trees. His is well known to deal with his clients and opposing counsel directly, fairly, and with respect at all times. Notably, he treats colleagues and friends the same way – openly, honestly and with an understanding that is rare in this line of work. – LinkedIn review posted by colleague

Michael Dunham is a phenomenal attorney. Our family recently finished a 6 year custody battle, at which Michael represented my spouse and myself for only the very end of. He was the second attorney on the case and worked it as fast and diligently as he possibly could (he did more work in 6 months, than had been done on the case in 4 1/2 years); he literally, changed my whole perspective on lawyers. Beyond Michael’s fierce abilities in the courtroom, his confidence inside and outside of the courtroom, soothed our biggest fears, we have ever faced in our lives. As a mother, I can’t even begin to tell you the fear, and utter terrifying reality of not knowing whether you will be able to protect your child. We did not, for one minute, worry about the end-result, with Michael representing us. He reassured us, that he would fight the hardest he possibly could, for the best interest of our son, and we maintained our faith in his abilities! He showed compassion, and always went the extra mile to ensure the safety and security that our son has always deserved. This wasn’t about just winning, he gave us peace, we hadn’t had since beginning this battle, or really since our son was born. Our family is forever grateful for everything Michael achieved and did for us, we could never thank him enough.

I would also like to add, that Michael’s paralegal, Stacy, is also incredible! Her work on our case, did not go unnoticed. She is extremely professional, engaging, hardworking, and sweet. You cannot go wrong with choosing Dunham Legal to represent you, it is the best decision we have ever made. Thank you again, Mike and Stacy for everything you have done, we truly cannot thank you enough!

Facebook review following contested custody battle