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Book - A Brief Guide to Georgia Evictions

“A Brief Guide to Georgia Evictions”

A plain-English “how-to” guide, written for non-lawyer landlords and lawyers who do not typically specialize in landlord-tenant law. Written by an experienced lawyer with more than a decade of experience in this area of the law as both litigator and mediator, this brief yet information-packed book complements, rather than replaces, the many available legal treatises on the subject. The reader is guided through the entire “dispossessory” (eviction) process, beginning with concerns to be addressed before suit is even filed, and continuing throughout all phases of litigation, including trial, mediation, appeals, and the eviction process itself. The book is also liberally sprinkled with practice pointers and helpful hints designed to maximize the landlord’s potential for success.

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Book - Your Post-Divorce Compass

“Your Post-Divorce Compass: Practical, Real-World Advice for the Newly Single”

“Your Post-Divorce Compass: Practical, Real-World Advice for the Newly Single” is a comprehensive workbook designed to help someone who is recently divorced sort out “everyday life” issues like updating insurance beneficiaries, automating finances, and hiring the right financial advisers. Written by a family lawyer with over a decade of experience, this book complements the many excellent resources which exist for helping divorcees deal with their emotional and spiritual crises by methodically guiding the reader through a host of financial matters. The book’s unique, “one task per day” mentality also empowers the reader by turning a complex mass of problems into a manageable group of tasks.

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This is a list of books I’ve read and reviewed which were written with the idea of helping children cope with their parents’ divorce. I’ve written three-sentence descriptions/reviews of each, just to keep things simple. All reviewed books are available for purchase on Amazon (via affiliate links).